NFS-LAN - plugin for Nautilus file manager (GNOME environment default file manager), that allows to share and browse NFS network (NFS - Network File System). 
Attention! You should use 1.0 version if you have Gnome3/Nautilus3 and 0.3 version if you have Gnome2/Nautilus2.

You can download deb-package now on the Downloads page.
Source code is on Github now.


It based on such technologies and packages :
  1. Python. All code written on Python.
  2. python-gtk for GUI 
  3. python-nautilus for Nautilus python plugin
  4. nfs-client and nfs-server for NFS support
  5. autofs for auto mounting
  6. avahi-browse (avahi-utils) and avahi-daemon for computers' list
  7. showmount - to get only computers with shares

autofs configuring

Autofs package is in the dependecies, but you have to configure it by yourself, if you want to browse NFS shares automatically. 
Please edit /etc/auto.master and uncomment this line:
/net -hosts
You can add --timeout parameter (in this case there are no problem with unmounting shares which going down):
/net -hosts --timeout=60
Then restart autofs:
sudo service autofs restart